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AmpXpress - the world's fastest thermal cycler with SuperConvection technology, allows PCR to be performed with extremely fast speed, while maintaining result uniformity and reliability.
GelRed™ and GelGreen™ are a new generation of fluorescent nucleic acid gel stains designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr). Developed by scientists at Biotium, GelRed™ and GelGreen™ are superior to EtBr and other EtBr alternatives by offering a combination of non-mutagenicity, non-carcigenocity, extremely high sensitivity and exceptional stability.
Fast EvaGreen® qPCR master mix is a PCR reagent suitable for both qPCR and melt curve analysis. The reagent system uses two of Biotium's  breakthrough PCR technologies, EvaGreen® qPCR dye and Cheetah Taq hotstart DNA polymerase, to deliver superior results compared to other commercial master mixes.
Mix-n-Stain™ CF™ dye antibody labeling kits dramatically simplify the process of preparing fluorescently labeled antibodies, particularly primary antibodies. Simply mix your antibody with a CF™ dye of your choice in the buffer provided, a step that takes less than 30 seconds of hands-on time.
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